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We invite potential partners to join us in reshaping the future of the floating water park industry. Our company, a leader in the floating water park industry, is expanding globally and we are looking for dynamic, ambitious, and proven performers to join us on this exciting journey.

Why you?

You have a solid track record of sales, a powerful network in the local industry, and the passion to drive investment projects, so we invite you to explore this opportunity. By partnering with us, you’ll not only broaden your business horizons but also expand your network significantly. Collaborating with our globally recognized brand presents a unique chance to elevate your professional journey and contribute to the success of a renowned name in the industry.

Why? Why Now?

The floating water park industry is booming, and Wibit has been at the forefront of this exciting adventure. We’re ready to take our expansion to the next level, but we can’t do it alone. That’s why we want to find partners who are just as ambitious, just as committed, and just as excited about this game-changing industry as we are.


Why Partner With Wibit?

A Market Leader in Innovation and Quality

Since our inception, Wibit has been leading the charge in redefining the floating water park industry. Our commitment to quality and innovation has set us apart, establishing Wibit as the go-to brand for floating water parks across the globe.

Global Reach, Local Impact

Wibit’s products are present in over 100 countries, reflecting our global footprint. Yet we understand the importance of local knowledge and experience—traits we value in our partners. Together, we can bring smiles to faces in every corner of the world.

A Commitment to Excellence

When you partner with Wibit, you’re not just another distributor or reseller—you become a part of our mission to elevate the industry. We invest in our partnerships, offering comprehensive training, marketing support, and a genuine commitment to your success.

Proven Business Model

Our business model has withstood the test of time, offering high returns and significant growth potential. Wibit partners benefit from a lucrative revenue-sharing model, ensuring that your success is our success.

Strong Community and Network

Join a network of global partners who share the same values, commitment, and drive. Engage in annual conferences, workshops, and collaborative opportunities that enrich your business and expand your horizons.

Ongoing Support

From pre-sales consultancy to post-sales service, our dedicated team is always on hand to support you. We provide tailored solutions to meet your market needs and ensure you have all the tools for success.

Core Values That Drive Us

What is key?

We strongly believe in four core values:

Reliable Business Partner​

We prioritize keeping promises and maintaining long-term customer relationships. Our support extends beyond the purchase, ensuring expertise and assistance even during the off-season.

Make People Happy​

Creating unbeatable user experiences is the heart of our mission. We take pride in bringing smiles to people’s faces and believe in the power of team spirit for long-term success.

Doing It Right: Safety and quality are non-negotiable for us.

We are proud that we established the industry benchmark and that we play a crucial role in formulating safety standards for the water park industry.

Innovative Thinking

We are constantly working on new ideas and improvements to provide optimal solutions to our customers. The focus is on maximizing the fun factor, safety, and easy use of new products and technologies.

Romann Rademacher & Robert Cirjak

CEOs & Founders
“We consider ourselves as long-term, reliable business partners. Our tailor-made SportsParks and PoolTracks for all bodies of water are packed with leading technology and an unrivaled expertise on the market.”

Success Stories

Wibit is a global definition of fun, having made more than 50.000.000 Wibit visitors, owners and partners happy in 100 countries worldwide!


Saudi Arabia

Altitude H2O

New Bedford, USA

Robinson Club


La Presqu’île


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