NEW – The GIANT Mountain

Big, Bigger, MOUNTAIN! Our new product for great sliding fun and high visitor appeal.

Order before the 31st May 2023 and you´ll get a Wibit Step on top!

The ultimate product for unforgettable slide fun

Featuring five exciting slides, an innovative honeycomb ladder system, and a 12-person capacity, the Mountain is the perfect addition to create unforgettable memories.

Seamless Integration

Modularity is key: The Mountain can be easily connected to any Wibit floating waterpark.

Thrilling Height

The Mountain is our tallest Wibit product:
It measures over 4 m / 13 ft.

Standalone Attraction

Use the Mountain as a standalone product, designed to fit seamlessly into any space.

Various Slides

Fan of sliding? You can expect five thrilling slides, including family, multilane and single options.

Make your location more appealing!

Because of its impressive size alone, the Mountain is a huge highlight for every location. It offers action without limits, because here you can slide – in every imaginable way. For those who like adventure, the Sky-Jump is the right place to go: From a height of four meters, the ride goes steeply downhill and even catapults you a bit higher at the end.

Blow your visitors away with the versatile and engaging slide features of the Mountain – up to 12 people at a time! 

On the family slide, families or friends can slide together and even hold hands. The multi-slide has a competitive character and is divided into four lanes. In addition, there are two single slides and a ladder, which has been optimized so that as many visitors as possible can climb the Mountain as quickly as possible. So: On the slide, get set, go!  

Boost your revenue and customer satisfaction

Looking for a new attraction to enhance your location and attract more visitors? Imagine the colossal Mountain thrilling your customers and skyrocketing your visitor numbers!

Expand your business potential 

Think the Mountain is only suitable for large SportsParks? Worry not! As a standalone product, it’s perfect for any park and easy to handle. It’s time to invest in the future of your business!

Buy your Mountain now and get a Wibit Step on top!

*Valid from April 10th to May 31st, 2023. Offer is subject to change and non-binding, cannot be combined with other special offers/discounts. Until supplies last.

Profit from the Wibit expertise

We are dedicated to ensuring your success, that’s why our team will help you every step of the way:



Helping you customize your Wibit SportsPark and choose the best location.



Providing all needed documents for concession rights.


Business Plan

Developing a business plan to minimize your payback time.



Offering professional installation and extensive operational and maintenance trainings.

Romann Rademacher & Robert Cirjak

CEOs & Founders
“We consider ourselves as long-term, reliable business partners. Our tailor-made floating Waterparks for all bodies of water are packed with leading technology and an unrivaled expertise on the market.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The Step is a practical product, it can be connected to many different Wibit products and makes it easy for visitors to get out of the water onto the products using the original Wibit Step-Up-System. 

The Mountain is our largest Wibit product. It is approx. 4 m high, 9 m wide and almost 14 m long. Approx. 13 ft high, 30 ft wide and 45 ft long. 

The Mountain consists of five individual parts. This makes it easy to transport and set up. 

The Mountain can be used from a water depth of 3 m / 9 ft. 

“The cooperation with Wibit was excellent from planning to installation. Lots of appreciation to Wibit for making such a dream a reality.”
Danni Rosa
Saudi Arabia
“Our expansion will continue into the future as Wibit keeps evolving and improving. Wibit seems to have the same business ethos as ourselves, ‘Strive to be at the forefront with safety, fun and innovation.”
Ben Jury
New Forest Water Park
“We would recommend Wibit without hesitation for anyone considering starting a new business, or as an add-on to an existing sporting organisation.”
Karen Harrisz
Dunmore Adventure Park
“When we started we didn’t start with Wibit, we started with other manufacturers. And then as we’ve grown we’ve realized that Wibit are the best ones to work with.”
Gary Sawyer
Liquid Leisure

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